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Sergey Rjabinin

"Great Job, as always! Visiting Headbusters became my personal tradition. Nice, relaxing atmosphere, cheerful guys, professionalism without pathos. And a pleasant price! If you are looking for a permanent master and Barbershop, which will perfectly fit you, welcome to Headbusters than!"

Sasha Savin

"I’ve «kidnapped» my 14yo bro from mom, who always left him to her friends to cut his hair. After that he was looking like a hardcore geek! That’s why i took him to Headbusters. Now, thanks to barber Sasha, I count teenage girls lovingly staring at him! Thanks a lot!"

"It’s my very first time in a real barbershop. Barber Sasha is an ace! I’m over the moon cuz of my new image, and ma girl’s exited too. Thanks a lot to Headbusters!"

Sergey Lubomirov

"Great! These guys are the best barbers in town. And I really like that you can always book the same barber."

"Barbers usually work fast, paying not much attention to clients’ preferences. What I can’t say about barber Sergey. He cuts very careful and leisurely. Also he does that everyone else forget: creates image and !!!!!!!taste. I advice him to everyone, because you should trust your barber like the therapist."

Egor Tretjakov

Bootch Savin

Vadim Gorelov

Raphael Alykov

Vitalii Kamskii